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For the past few years, I have focused most of my free time on my photography and related endeavors. I've become especially interested in panoramic photography and virtual reality imagery, but continue to explore all varities of the field. Much of my work has been in nature and travel photography, but I'm also quite interested in food photography and other studio work. Whenever Leah is singing, I'm fairly likely to be there with a camera. Actually, wherever I go, I'm likely to be there with a camera.

On My Own Time Art Show 2005

Each year, the Syracuse Cultural Resources Council sponsors the On My Own Time program, to highlight the artisitc talents of employees in local industry. Each participating business holds in in-house art show, and a team of outside judges selects the best of these works for inclusion in a month-long exhibit at the Everson Museum of Art in downtown Syracuse. Last year, while I was still working for Lockheed Martin, I submitted a number of pieces to our in-house show, and one of them was selected for the Everson Exhibit, which ran from October 15th through November 13th, 2005. If you missed seeing it in person, I have finally put it here on my website.


stripes photo

© 2005 Julian Pecenco

Leah snapped this photo of me at the opening night reception.

stripes photo

If you're interested, the complete program catalog (in PDF format) for the Everson exhibit is available on the CRC site.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame: The Ellen Clues List

Long ago, when I was single and watched a whole lot more TV than I do these days, I achieved my fifteen minutes of fame with The Ellen Clues List, a list of clues in the episodes leading to the big coming out episode of Ellen DeGeneres' eponymous sitcom Ellen. The HRC used the list in their Come Out with Ellen campaign, and the site even got a mention in Entertainment Weekly. So, for your nostalgic pleasure, you can now peruse the pages as they last existed. Most of the links will be broken, but my content is there.
Julian's Ellen Page featuring The Ellen Clues List.

Fifteen Seconds of Fame

Women Must Wail Elsewhere. The Syracuse New Times reporter made me sound far more eloquent than I imagine I actually was when she interviewed me.

On the other side of the camera

More recently, I showed up in full color in the Sunday Post Standard the day after Syracuse's 2003 Pride parade.

Photo of Julian Holding up a flag in a wet Pride parade

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