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roma_01 View from the back of the bus
roma_02 Regulars at the Coloseo
roma_03 The gladiator is not pleased with Leah's first attempt at payment.
roma_04 Inside the Coloseo
roma_05 Leah poses inside the Coloseo
roma_06 The Triumphal Arch of Constantine, as seen from the Coloseo
roma_07 Another view of the Arch of Constantine from the Coloseo
roma_08 Inside the Coloseo
roma_10 The Coloseo from a distance
roma_11 In Roma, the ancient ruins were often incorporated into later sturctures.  This building was the model for the Coloseo.
roma_12 Trevi Fountain
roma_13 Il Vittoriano: The Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II
roma_14 The Forum ruins
roma_15 The Forum ruins
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