"I wasn't going to sit in the back of the bus anymore.
I belong with everybody else. And that's what I finally did"

- Ellen DeGeneres, to Diane Sawyer on 20/20

In the US, Ellen airs Monday through Friday at 6:00 and 6:30 pm on Liftetime.

This page was getting way too big, so I've moved the clues themselves to their own page:
The Ellen Clues List

TotalTV Top 10 The Ellen Clues list was selected as a Total TV Top 10 site.

The week of "The Puppy Episode," Entertainment Weekly had a brief article about the many Ellen web sites prompted by the coming out plot, including The Ellen Clues List. (I guess I've gone big time. In a small way.) Writes Kipp Cheng: "An exhaustive episode guide that breaks down every nuance and line providing clues to Ellen Morgan's sexual proclivities (in one episode she literally steps out of a closet). Notable: The thoughtful, thorough analysis verges on overkill."
Well, duh. This page is about overkill!

The Latest News, in a Nutshell

For previous Ellen news from Mr. Showbiz, try the Ellen news page at CelebSite.

All About Anne ... Well, And Some Ellen Too

For those interested, here's the now infamous picture of Anne and Ellen with President Clinton at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

And for a picture of the couple at the Volcano premiere (their first public appearance together,) just click here.

Meanwhile, if after the past year you're still scratching your head, saying, "Who the hell is Anne Heche?" you might want to visit An Anne Heche Fan Page.

The *BIG* News that You Probably Already Knew

Finally publicly stating what most of the world already knew, Ellen DeGeneres has officially come out. Time Magazine broke the story in the April 14, 1997 issue, which is available on-line. DeGeneres came out on the cover with the caption, "Yep, I'm gay." You go, girl! The main story focuses on the show and tv taboos of the past and present. Also included is an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, in which she publically discusses her sexual orientation for the first time. A third item quotes various public figures about their opinions on the coming out episodes.

Breaking Another TV Taboo: "Roll Over, Ward Cleaver"
Ellen Speaks: "He Called Me Ellen DeGenerate?"
Sidebars: "Is Coming Out Going Too Far?" and "Not Ready For Prime Time"

That Infamous Kiss:

Ellen did not make a "significant announcement" (as Liz Smith had predicted she would) when she presented k.d. lang with the Creative Integrity award at Women's Night '97. Unless, of course, you call a lip lock with k.d. an announcement. Hmm ... interesting stuff. Actually there were two kisses, one on stage, and one off-stage. You can now see the latter right here, and for the former, go to the Aussie Ellen Page and read all about it.

Ellen Coming
Out Links

The Ellen DeGeneres Coming Out Page
All the latest dish about Ellen (and Ellen) coming out. The guestbook goes down every now and then, but keep trying.

GLAAD's Come Out With Ellen Site
GLAAD dedicated a section of their site to encourage people to " Come Out with Ellen." It contained information on local parties in your city and get info on planning one. They also offered a party planning kit, which just happened to include my clues list.
Note: The GLAAD and HRC Sites listed here are historical and no longer updated.
The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation dedicated a section of their web site to following the Ellen controversy. All of their press releases on the topic are here, as well as a place for people to submit clues. (Sure, GLAAD, usurp my idea ... hmph! :) )

HRC's Ellen House Parties Page
HRC also encouraged people to host home parties to watch the coming out episode, and offered their own party kit.

Yahoo! Feature - Ellen Comes Out
A historical site with links to articles and web sites related to Ellen's coming out.

The Washington Blade Online's on the air
The Washington Blade Online's on the air column lists Ellen and other shows with gay content each week. It's specific to the DC area, but it is still the best gay TV page around.

Ellen's Coming Out Page at the Aussie Ellen Page
Various Coming Out Links and support information.

The Sitcom That Dares Not Speak Its Name
In 1995, long before anyone actually thought Ellen would come out, let alone planned it, Joyce Millman's article in the San Fransisco Examiner speculated about Ellen Morgan's closet.

Other Ellen

The Aussie Ellen DeGeneres Homepage
By far the best Ellen sight I've found. All sorts of neat tidbits, plus episode information. This excellent site is one of the few that is regularly updated. Unfortuantely, It's torturously slow, but the content is unrivaled.
Ellen DeGeneres, the Goddess
I promised Jen Kriz this link to her page over a year ago, and neglected to keep that promise until now. Better late than never? Sorry, Jen.
Ellen Episode Guide at the Episode Guides Page
A succinct, one-page guide in standard format with full listing of guest stars.
[The Completely Un-official] Ellen DeGeneres Home Page
A nice page with photos, quotes and other information. It's no longer updated, but what's there's still some good stuff there.
The Ellen DeGeneres Internet Fan Club
The EDIFC has lots of information, though they don't seem too keen on being associated with a "gay" Ellen.
ellenstories Home Page
The site for Ellen fan fiction.

Lifetime's Ellen Page
Lifetime's page has some basic information on the show, including air times.

Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the Year
EW selected Ellen DeGeneres as their Entertainer of the Year for 1997, based upon all that she'd done in bringing herself and Ellen out of the closet, among other things.
Ultimate TV News - Countdown to "Ellen"
Ultimate TV features retrospectives on departing shows, including Ellen
E! Online Star Boards - Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen answers fan questions.