The "Ellen" Clues List - Part II

The Post-"Puppy" List

With the airing of the ground-breaking coming out episode, the original variety of hints and clues were obviously no longer relevant. However, the series incorporated a new sort of "clues," in terms of using many gay "in-jokes," as well as an endless stream of meta-jokes, in-jokes, and network bashing. Even in its worst episodes, there always seemed to be something beyond the surface in each Ellen episode. This page is devoted to the episodes of season five, the final season. It is also, obviously, far from complete.

The List

"Guys or Dolls" - 9/24/97, 12/10/97
"Social Climber" - 10/01/97, 12/24/97
"Roomates" - 10/8/97, 12/31/97
"Gay Yellow Pages" - 10/15/97, 1/21/98
  1. Lesbian comedian Georgia Ragsdale appears in this episode.
"Just Coffee?" - 10/29/97
  1. Lisa Darr debuts as Ellen's girlfriend Laurie. Darr previously played Kathy, the lover of Officer Abby Sullivan on NYPD Blue, another ABC show. Darr has joked that she's "ABC's resident lesbian."
"G.I. Ellen" - 11/05/97, 2/04/98
  1. This was one of the few episodes this season that made absolutely no mention of Ellen's orientation. It did, however, show an independent woman who refused to be limited by gender roles.

  2. Ellen's one-armed pushups. Fabulous.
"Public Display of Affection" - 11/12/97
"Emma" - 11/19/97
"Like a Virgin" - 11/26/97
" All Ellen, All the Time " - 12/03/97
  1. Ellen's DeGeneres' real-life girlfriend Anne Heche has an uncredited cameo in this episode. The scene is a meta-joke, with Ellen Morgan doing a double take when she sees Heche's character at Joe's coffeeshop.
"Breakup" - 12/17/97
"Womyn Fest" - 1/07/98
  1. "Womynfest" seems to represent the breakthrough Lilith Fair Tour, which debuted in the summer of 1997, though it could also be the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival or one of many smaller women's music festivals around the country. The episodes featured performance from Lilith founder Sarah McLachlan and lesbian favorites the Indigo Girls.

  2. Betty DeGeneres, Ellen's mom and the Human Rights Campaign's National Coming Out Day Spokeperson, has a cameo at the HRC booth at the festival.
"The Funeral" - 1/14/98
"Escape from L.A." - 1/28/98
"Ellen in Focus" - 2/11/98
"Neighbors" - 2/18/98, 5/27/98
" It's a Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay World!" - 2/25/98
  1. Actor Harvey Fierstein, who has been out for years, plays himself in Spence's dream.
"Hospital" - 3/04/98
  1. Anne Heche returns, this time in a major role as Laurie's ex-girlfriend Karen. The story behind the casting was that Ellen was sitting in bed one night, pondering who to cast in the role, and Anne turned to her saying, "Hello?! Look over here!" Since DeGeneres was rumored to have initially lobbied to have Heche cast as her girlfriend on the show, her presence is not much of a surprise.
"When Ellen Talks, People Listen" - 7/15/98
"Vows" - 7/22/98
"Ellen: A Hollywood Tribute" - 5/13/98

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